Saturday, September 26, 2015

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How Can I Change My Mindset and Take My Business Further?

Image result for EntrepreneurIt is so easy to get your mind into a negative place when trying to take your business to the next level.
Or even just trying to get into business in the first place!
It can be scary and completely outside the box of your experience. Yes, you may have been successful at something else but now, you are doubting yourself, listening to the inner fears and not doing enough to grow your business.
And then you unfortunately think it is a result of not being suited to the business but really, it is because you are giving in to the negative things mentioned already.
How can you deal with it?

1. Be aware of the inner critic
Everyone has one of these and most people give too much authority to the little negative voice but you are not the same as everyone else, are you? Stay paying attention to that little voice inside and deliberately choose to ignore it.
The thing is, you may think that you do not have a negative voice but while you assume that, it controls your actions and you think it is just normal. Get deliberate about managing your mind. You have to be aware of it in order to change it.
2. Raise your expectations
If you think you can, then you can. If you don't think you can, then you will not make it happen. Instead of leaving it all to whim, deliberately raise the expectations you have of yourself. Write out what you want form the effort you are putting in to level up your business. Is it too normal? Then it will be uninspiring to you.
Instead, stop limiting yourself and write down the ideas you have had about how much your business can create and stop judging it as impractical or impossible. Raise those expectations and you just may surprise yourself.
3. Find Your Big Reason Why
In order for you to actually stay on track with your raised expectations, you have to have a big reason why. Why do you want all you write about in the last point? What is going to keep you going on those days when things do not go according to plan? What is going to keep you going when life feels chaotic and you wonder why you are bothering putting the effort in? You need a big, emotional reason beyond money. IF it was enough to want money, then everyone would be rich. You have to attach your expectations or goals to a big reason. It can be because you want your kids to have a better life or it can be because you want to give more to certain communities or maybe you want to travel the world.
Whatever it is, you must really feel the emotion of it.


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