Monday, April 4, 2016

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5 Top Reasons to Be Your Own Boss

It's estimated that over 80% of people dream of starting their own businesses, but most of them fail to do it due to fear or other reasons. If you have been pondering on the idea of quitting your 8-5 job, I'm here to tell you that being your own boss is the best thing in the world. Here are 5 of the top reasons you should be your own boss:
You work towards something that you are passionate about
Ask most of the employees in organizations and they will tell you that they are in employment simply because
they want the monthly check. Studies show that up to 60% of employees dread going to their places of work. This doesn't have to be you. When you are running your business you follow your passion. This not only gives you satisfaction, it also results to success of your business.
You have more freedom
While you will still be answerable to your customers, you have more freedom than when you are employed. As an employee, you operate like a robot controlled by the management. This is not the case when you are running your business. When doing your business you make decisions about your business. You also get to set your working hours and how you want things to be done.
You have ownership and control
As you know, when you are an employee the only thing that you have in your company is your salary. When the company fires you, you are done. When you are running your business you are the owner. Unless you have venture capitalists, angle investors or partners, you will be having 100% ownership of the company.
As mentioned above, when you are an employee, you operate like a robot-you don't have control of yourself as you are controlled by the management. In business, you steer your own ship. Yes, economy can collapse, new and better competitors might come along, but all in all you are in control of the business and you are the one responsible for its success and failure.
Being your own boss is less risky
While this might sound strange, it's actually true. How many times have you seen firms downsizing, reorganizing and rationalizing themselves? Countless times, right? Even when you are said to be on permanent employment, you still have to leave the firm at one point.
We can say that your future in a company is dependent on forces that are beyond your control. If your boss, manager or colleagues don't like you, you can easily lose your job. In your business you are the one who can fire yourself. If you don't work hard you lose clients thus lack money to support yourself.
You make more money
When you are an employee you have a defined salary. This means that you can't earn more than your salary unless you steal or engage in dubious activities. Once your business has caught momentum and you have the right clients, the sky is your starting point in terms of your earning potential.


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