Saturday, September 26, 2015

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Do All Entrepreneurs Want to Change the World? The Great Ones Do!

Image result for EntrepreneurNot long ago I was talking to an Internet Entrepreneur who sold her wares online. She had lofty goals and wanted to make a dent in this world, she wanted to do great things, even called herself a; Social Entrepreneur. I explained that; "Well most Entrepreneurs do, thus you have that common attribute." She said; "Really, because most of the entrepreneurs I've talked to just want to make money." Then I had to think about it a bit.

Was it because most of the entrepreneurial start-ups I consult with are a different breed, or because I only take what I consider to be worthy clients? After considering this, I back-tracked my statement a little and said, "Well, the great ones [entrepreneurs] do." And thus we both agreed and then she back-tracked a little too, and said, "I guess they do tend to, don't they?"
Yes, and I believe Steve Jobs stated this in one of his commencement college speeches, I've also heard it from Venture Capitalists like Guy Kawasaki who has written a number of great books on Business Start-Ups.
My acquaintance asked; "Do you think that entrepreneurs tend to want to help others and/or contribute to positive change any more than other people (non-entrepreneurs)? I've encountered some entrepreneurs who want to make huge profits, and are focused on that, so helping to make the world a better place (making a difference or contributing to positive change) is secondary to them or at least not exactly foremost in their minds. On the other hand, I've met a few entrepreneurs (such as at entrepreneurship seminars) who are the opposite too (one also had plans to run for governor, in addition to plenty of ideas to effect change for the greater public good)."
Okay so, I think this answers the question, and I think we came to a solid understanding about this topic. You see, in my circles of friends, it's good to know people on the go! In her world, it sounds sound like she is one, and knows she wants to do great things, and she possesses lots of potential, drive, ambition, and the will to succeed.
Additionally, I would say to her very astute comments that free-market capitalism takes all the innate characteristic of the species to "do less and get more" call it greed if you want, but having folks who want money have to work hard to get it, and with that increased productivity, they help to deliver or produce things people desire and want, thus, those in search of the 'unit of trade' we call money in the present period are benefitting all of society, as long as they are not stealing from others.


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